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Headlight's knowledge: future lamps will change in these directions

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Car lights are the mark of each car, but even the old driver can not be able to use a good car lamp correctly. Of course, today's brother is not talking about the rules and skills of using lights, but based on his own driving experience. Some of them are time to improve, are not they?

Is the wide light replaced by the daily light?

The broad light, also called the profile. The light brightness is low, usually in the evening or white when the driver opens the world light rain, with the decline in the external light, but also do not need to use the transition stage, the main role is more prominently found by other vehicles.

 While driving a variety of cars with daytime lights, the soldier found a very special thing: many new cars are now loaded with daytime lights. Day line lights are high, and even in the evening, or in the rain at night, you can find a car with a daily light in the rear view mirror. If the revelation opened wide lights, daytime running lights but closed or weak, you will find that the brightness of the lamps is much lower than the day in the evening light, brightness is insufficient, the owner will not be long before the open width lamp lamp, the actual use of time is very short.

  This leads to such a contradiction, the warning role of the daily line is greater than the width of the light, and covers the scope of the use of the wide light, and the effect is better. Show the light, more for the tail light. In Europe, the day lights have been used as a prerequisite for new cars, which will be imitated all over the world. So is there any meaning for the wide light?

Bing thinks that the most reasonable way should be the integration of day lights and wide lights, increase the brightness automatically based on the automatic headlights, and automatically increase or decrease according to the brightness of the surrounding.

Increase the "fog" s complete irradiation area

In the past, he didn't understand why there were many people driving at night and fog lamps. After all, fog lamp power was high, and the front car rear view mirror was more dazzling than headlights.

But later, the elder brother knew why: fog lamps at the front of the car were very low, and the front fog lamps were opened to illuminate the front ground environment more widely and clearly. Many drivers, especially the novice, would feel more open in this way. Many cars have a "steering assistant lamp" function on the configuration table. Actually, many cars are lighting up with fog lamps as auxiliary lights for turning. Is this not a clear indication of fog lamps' exposure to the near ground?

  Soldier brother does not support the fog lights at night. Do not belittle these two small bulbs. Fog lamp's function is to penetrate heavy fog, though small, but the power is basically up to fifty or sixty watts, and the power is even higher than the headlights. If everyone open fog lights, or will cause damage to the Many a little make a mickle., on the front of the car, environmental protection and energy saving also is harmful.

In view of the fact that many people at night fog, brother soldiers think the car manufacturers should be in the two directions: improvement or ascend and brightness of the headlight irradiation area near the ground, or fog structure can be improved, high power and low power lights, small lights illuminate the near surface model.

 Then the double flicker

  Would you like to add a more advanced model?

More comforting, in an emergency, everyone knows to have double flashes. Sadly, double flash has been abused widely today: marriage teams are playing double flashes, raining on rainy days, etc., even causing people to debate whether they want to double flash on heavy rain days. Soldier brother just want to ask: if the rainstorm days you suddenly encountered fault forced stop on the road, how are you going to remind the car after his car died?

Double flash, this is called the danger alarm flash. It is the highest level in the external alarm coefficient of the vehicle. In many countries, the laws and regulations, or is your car problems, has seriously affected the normal traffic speed only need to open the double flash, to remind the other vehicle to avoid, which lights would be punished. But in the country, even if the light is not an accurate standard, what is the restriction? The double flash lamp has no credibility, the effect is very vague.

The transformation of ideas is always more difficult. Bing thinks that the domestic double flashing lights should be improved at first: add a double flash advanced mode with higher flashing frequency. It belongs to the highest level and strictly prohibits abuse. This will make an essential difference from ordinary twinkling. Once an emergency is encountered, it can be found in time by other cars.

While the ordinary double flash, can also cater to many current driver's habits, they can show the same team wedding team, and study abroad, will double flash into the "polite thank" means, for example, after the road and hit double flash for car, not affect the other car hit double flash apologize, this society will become more harmonious, and greatly reduce the occurrence of "car rage".

(driving in Japan, the owner of the car and the road are undeclared to open the double flicker to express thanks)

When the times are changing, many things that have been passed down will make some adjustments in order to better adapt to the current social development. Is it more suitable for the current situation of the car lights to improve the safety of the car?