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The customized wind time LED screen enterprises face many challenges

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With the development of the industry, LED display industry software and hardware technologies and solutions continue to progress, and the terminal market matures, it requires more and more diversified and personalized, the customized LED display gradually increased, especially some creative display engineering projects, customized solutions and LED display screen even as many enterprises boost project and products, some industry insiders even said: in the future, with the market constantly saturated, customized industry market will occupy half of the country.

In order to meet the growing demand of personalized customization in the market, LED screen companies have also chased the upsurge of some customized products and services. However, in the environment of consumption upgrading, I believe that the LED screen companies should be calm when considering the needs of "hot spots", and see if they really have the strength to bring more customization to customers.

 LED screen enterprises face many challenges in the era of custom

In fact, the screen industry of LED display industry is facing many development barriers. For example, how to optimize production capacity, innovate products and market, enhance brand image and promote proper management mode of enterprises, etc., are all very important in the current fierce market competition. Facing the current "customization" upsurge, it is a great opportunity for many screens, but it is also a huge challenge.

First of all, the price of raw materials has slowed down, but after all, it has not really "ebbed", and how it has not yet been known yet, and the price war is being quietly started is a shadow of many small and medium-sized screen enterprises. As everyone knows, "customization" profits are very substantial, but also need to pay attention to: high profits also represents a high pay for the product quality requirements is higher in this industry, the current environment of mass customization is undoubtedly difficult to do a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of screen.

Second, there are no diamond drills that do not work for porcelain, and the customized products and services are more specialized and rigorous than traditional routinely. Meanwhile, the current LED display terminal market has more detailed requirements for customized products, solutions, services and so on. Besides product quality and product performance requirements, the overall strength of the screen solution is more important for the overall solution optimization and after-sales service.

Under the opportunity of the times, the screen enterprises should think calmly

As we all know, the current LED display industry basically belongs to the "big picture". First, let's not talk about how small and medium-sized screen enterprises are struggling to develop in some market segments. Before a lot of people want to do a good job market segmentation, but gradually found that the market is further subdivision, also can not stand around more like the same tiger screen enterprises. With the continuous heating up of customized products and services, there is a great opportunity to become a development of screen enterprises. In this sensitive period, consciousness and thinking determine the speed of the development of screen enterprises, which determines whether the future is an opportunity, a challenge or a challenge.

Industry analysts said, in the face of numerous opportunities and challenges, enterprises should seize the opportunity to screen customization, only out of the puzzle, open pattern, calm thinking, rather than blindly follow the trend, will it be possible to break the bottleneck, to find their own way. Custom screen era, enterprises must do their best to meet the customer's request, which puts forward higher requirements on the screen also R & D, production, marketing enterprises, enterprise management, customer service service, from a long-term point of view, the customized boom also promote the industry to actively pursue better products, promote the industry as a whole the development of.

On the other hand, the biggest challenge for the future development of the LED display market is from the enterprise itself. Each customer's needs for products and services are different. When producing products, R & D and manufacturing processes are also different. Whether the system can support demand is the challenge and priority of future development. The enterprise should constantly update and improve the whole chain of operation system, so as to better adapt and serve the market.